Certificates granted to CFLP


Accreditation Certificate of Testing Laboratory No. AB 596 to confirm that CFLP meets requirements of the PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005 standard.

On 16 May 2005 the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police obtained accreditation No. AB 596 for submitted examination methods. The Scope of Accreditation of Testing Laboratory No. AB 596 was issued by the Polish Centre for Accreditation.



Certificate no. 997/7/2018 confirming that the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police meets the requirements of PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015-10
Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police is the first police forensic laboratory in Poland to obtain Quality Management System Certificate issued by Polish Center for Testing and Certification on July 18, 2003 (a copy of the current Certificate No. 997/7/2018 - see tab Quality System - Certificates).
In 2015, a new standard PN-EN ISO 9001: 2015-10 „Quality Management System” was issued. The end of October 2018 is the deadline for implementing the requirements of the standard. On 19-20 July 2018, After CFLP had finalized the QMS documentation and implemented it, the Institute underwent a renewal audit. No irregularities were found by auditors from the Polish Center for Testing and Certification and they recommended a renewal of the Certificate's validity.
During the summary meeting with the CFLP management, the auditors highly appreciated the competences of the experts, whilst paying attention to the threats and opportunities identified in the Institute.
Quality Management System Certificate
CFLP obtained the ISO/IEC 9001 compliant certificate issued by the International Certification Network (IQNet).



Quality International 2009

„Quality International Forum Jakości” competition is directed to the entities, manufacturers and service providers in Poland who maintain a transparent quality policy in relation to products, services and/or management system, i.e. the providers demonstrating the highest standards possible. The competition is organised by Forum Biznesu Editors under the umbrella of the Ministry of Regional Development, Polish ISO Club Forum and the Polish Agency for Enterprise Development.
The award is granted in three categories:
- QI product,
- QI services,
- QI order.
Following evaluation process, the awarded companies are entitled to use QI logo across all spheres of their activities. This is a clear message to the company’s customers and business partners conveying a high committment to quality issues. 

The Central Forensic Laboratory of the Polish Police won a bronze medal in Quality International Forum Jakości – 2009 edition in QI order category. The official awarding ceremony took place on 22 May 2009.








Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police took part in „Quality International Forum Jakości” competition in 2007 and was distinguished by obtaining the certificate to use prestigious QI order logo.   





















Award granted by the President of the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification 
The President of the Polish Centre for Testing and Certification (PCBC) award was established in order to distinguish and promote the PCBC customers, who popularise quality issues through outstanding management and taking care of environment. 
The award can be granted to active PCBC customers cooperating for the period of at least three years in the area of management system certification. The selection process is preceded by evaluation of submitted documentation and takes place through voting by secret ballot.
In 2012, the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police was the beneficiary of PCBC award which was handed over during “Polish Quality Day” official ceremony.