Publication date 10.02.2021

On 29 October 2020, the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police organized an annual meeting of directors of forensic laboratories under a tripartite agreement (TRIADA).

The meeting was attended by directors of forensic laboratories from the Czech Republic – col. Lubos Kothaj, Slovakia – col. Ondrej Laciak and the hosts: col. dr Radosław Juźwiak, Director of the CFLP and Agnieszka Łukomska, adviser in Scientific Development Department. Due to the COVID-19 threat, the meeting was held online and it summed up previous cooperation between forensic laboratories from the Czech Republic (KUP – Kriminalisticky Ustav Praha), Slovakia (KEU PZ – Kriminalisticky a Expertizny Ustav Policajneho Zboru) and Poland (Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police). Participants agreed that changing a format of TRIADA expert meetings into online conferences will ensure the continuity of cooperation.