Publication date 02.07.2020

The meeting of representatives of EU member countries within the EURODAC Contact Committee, organized by European Commission, DG Migration and Home Affairs (DG HOME), took place on 2nd July 2019 in Brussels. Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police was represented by Małgorzata Walecka – specialist from Fingerprint Examination Department.

DG HOME develops and implements the Commission’s policy on migration, asylum and borders security. The meeting was aimed at exchanging experience in the field of procedures in force in countries related to the implementation of the provisions of the Regulation of the European Parliament and EU Council No. 603/2013 of 26th June 2013 on the establishment of the EURODAC system. The meeting participants discussed the problems occurring during the process of collection of fingerprint data from persons with damaged or bandaged fingers, minors, third-country nationals or stateless persons detained in connection with illegal crossing of an external border or staying illegally in a Member State. The eu-LISA representative presented statistics on data processed by the EURODAC central system with an emphasis on delays in sending data to EURODAC. The participants also discussed the methods of collecting fingerprint data in individual countries and the quality errors generated by the system users.