Publication date 12.03.2019

The meeting of the members of SIS/VIS and SIS/SERENE committees on the implementation of new regulations on the Schengen Information System (SIS) took place in Brussels on 12th March 2019. The meeting, organized by the European Commission, was attended by national AFIS experts. Poland was represented by Małgorzata Walecka, an expert from the Fingerprint Examination Department of CFLP.

The first phase SIS II AFIS platform was launched in 2018. The introduction of the biometric search capability in SIS II was achieved by eu-LISA in tight cooperation with ten Member States (including Poland). The participants of the meeting discussed the issues related to the implementation of the next phase of SIS II AFIS project, covering the processing of fingerprint traces, handprint images and face images in SIS. They also considered the implementing decision in the area of the establishment of technical provisions necessary for entering, updating, deleting and searching for data in SIS and common search standards. The European Commission also presented an update of information on the work related to the implementation of SIS package and the schedule of meetings of the Committees and Expert Groups. Eu-LISA gave a presentation on the statistics regarding the number of registrations, searches, hits and the exchange of supplementary information in SIS. The participants discussed the main trends in this area. They were also provided with the information on the eu-LISA training activities in 2018 and the training plans for the current year.