Publication date 11.03.2019

The meeting with representatives of FRONTEX EU Agency, regarding current cooperation in the field of protection of the European Union’s external borders took place in CFLP’s office on 11th March 2019. During the meeting CFLP was represented by Deputy Director col. Krzysztof Borkowski PhD and the delegates from the Scientific Development Department, the Document Examination and Audiovisual Techniques Department and the Toolmark and Ballistics Department.

The Polish Border Guards was represented by cpt. Adrian Wójcik from the Border Guards Headquarters. The meeting was an opportunity to summarize previous joint activities in 2017 and 2018, which were attended by the representatives of CFLP and Regional Police Forensic Laboratories. The subject meeting was also devoted to the next operations planned for 2019 which assume the participation of the same institutions. Another presentation was dedicated to the projects that the FRONTEX Agency is planning to implement in order to increase the effectiveness of detecting forged documents and vehicle VIN number. CFLP presented FAVI system dedicated to the identification of vehicle numbers and documents, which is used by 400 Police and Border Guards officers from 20 countries.