Closing ceremony of the Twinning Light Project “Advanced biostatistics in routine forensic DNA casework (CRO STAT)” funded within Transition Facility Programme

On Friday, 14th of July, at 11:00 AM, closing ceremony of the EU-funded Twinning Light project “Advanced biostatistics in routine forensic DNA casework (CRO STAT)” took place at the Ministry of Interior, General Police Directorate, Ilica 335, Zagreb.

The project started with implementation in March 2017 and lasted 5 months. The main beneficiary was Forensic Science Centre (FSC) “Ivan Vučetić” of the Ministry of Interior. The budget for the implementation was 150.000 EUR. The project was financed by the EU Transition Facility Programme mechanism. The short-term project purpose was to develop procedures for implementing and using advanced statistical programmes for DNA mixtures and familial/relatives search and to train forensic DNA experts in order to facilitate incorporating the statistical programmes into daily laboratory work and reduce the possibility of mistake when detecting the identity of the criminal offence perpetrator. The long term objective is to enhance the capacities of the Ministry of Interior of the Republic of Croatia to effectively combat crime in line with the related European policies and strategies.

Speeches were delivered by Assistant Director of the Central Finance and Contracting Agency in Croatia Ms Nirvana Sokolovski, Deputy Director of the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police Mr Krzysztof Borkowski, Head of the European Commission Representation in Croatia Mr Branko Baričević and Mr Zvonimir Vnučec Deputy of General Police Director in Croatia.

Presentation on the overall results and benefit of the CRO STAT project was provided by Mr Dražen Mayka, BC Project Leader, Assistant Director of Forensic Science Centre “Ivan Vučetić”. Second presentation on experiences gained through the project implementation and the way forward was delivered by Ms Renata Zbieć-Piekarska, MS Leader of the Project, Head of Science Development Department of Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police/ Poland.