Dr. Henry Lee's visit to the Department of Biology CFLP

Publication date 01.05.2017

On 27th April 2017, world renowned forensic expert, Henry C. Lee paid an official visit to the Department of Biology of the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police.

While visiting the CFLP Department of Biology dr. Henry C. Lee and his wife Margaret were accompanied by the two representatives of The Taipei Economic and Cultural Representative Office – Michelle Hsiu-Ya Liu and William Wang. The invited guests visited our institute laboratories, where they performed genetic experiments as a part of forensic professional evaluation and for the DNA database. During the meeting, we have exchanged the knowledge and experiences of the research within scientific project involving i.a. the New Generation Sequencing (NGS). The expert's visit also allowed us to exchange information and experiences in the field of 3D scanning, the mechanism of the blood traces formation and the reconstruction of the course of events.