Visit of OSCE representative and Director of Albanian Police Forensic Laboratory

On 2-4 September 2014, CFLP hosted a representative of Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE), Mr. Adrian Nessel, Director of Police Forensic Laboratory in Tirana (Albania), Mr. Dritan Zoto and Mrs. Frosina Bardhi, assistant of Mr. Nessel.

The visit took place under the umbrella of cooperation agreement signed by CFLP and OSCE, aiming at sharing best practice in the area of forensic examinations as well as improving methods and examination techniques applied by forensic experts in Albania.
During the first day of the visit, the guests attended a meeting with CFLP management and were introduced to CFLP quality system and advantages of accredited examination methods. They also enjoyed a short tour through various CFLP Departments i.e. Chemistry Department, Document Examination and Audiovisual Techniques Department, Firearms and Ballistic Department as well as Biology and Fingerprint Examination Departments, where the guests had a chance to become acquainted with AFIS and DNA databases administrated by CFLP.
On 4 September, the delegation visited Higher Police School in Szczytno, where they had a chance to discuss the existing possibilities of cooperation in the scope of specialized trainings for forensic experts from Albania.