In 2001 the meeting of directors of police forensic laboratories from Poland (Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police), Czech Republic (Kriminalisticky Ustav Praha) and Slovakia (Kryminalisticky a Expertizny Ustav Policajneho Zboru) in Warsaw resulted in the TRIADA agreement on the principles of tripartite cooperation across relevant forensic disciplines.

The cooperation has been carried out on the basis of annual action plan worked out by the management of the three forensic laboratories. TRIADA Cooperation provides a splendid opportunity for the forensic scientists from Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia in supporting each other in elaboration of complex forensic cases that require implementation of examination methods or involvement of forensic scientists which are unavailable for the requesting party. TRIADA members have committed themselves to exchange the information about the utilization or development of new examination methods and techniques, organize workshops for forensic experts in chosen disciplines and exchange invitations to national trainings and conferences dedicated to forensic science.
TRIADA Cooperation, already lasting for more than a decade, is highly appreciated by management and forensic experts of the three laboratories. The workshops within the framework of TRIADA have contributed to better quality casework and higher qualifications of forensic staff by allowing them to become acquainted with new examination methods. What is more, TRIADA meetings enable forensic experts the exchange of their experience and improvement of their foreign languages skills.
Forensic experts from Poland, Czech Republic and Slovakia meet more than dozen times per year, also by taking part in conferences and symposia organized by the other party.