International cooperation

Central Forensic Laboratory of Police carries out extensive international cooperation

Central Forensic Laboratory of Police cooperates with various national and foreign entities. International cooperation includes the participation in, among others, the meetings of Working Groups belonging to European Network of Forensic Science Institutes (ENFSI), workshops organized within the framework of TRIADA cooperation and eu-LISA, conferences and trainings initiated by INTERPOL and Europol as well as the execution of European projects and programmes (FAVI, ENFSI Monopoly).  CFLP is also involved in the activities organized by the European Police College (CEPOL). Currently, the Laboratory is also responsible for maintaining Secretariat of the CEN/TC 419 – Forensic Science Processes, established with the view of drafting European standard(s) in the area of forensic science. The Laboratory actively supports and organizes trainings for Police officers from various European countries. One of such training courses dedicated to dismantling illicit drug laboratories is organized in cooperation with EUROPOL and CEPOL. CFLP forensic experts take part in a number of proficiency and inter-laboratory tests produced by, among others, German Society of Legal Medicine (GEDNAP), ENFSI, German Society of Clinical Chemistry and Laboratory Medicine(DGKL) and Collaborative Testing Services (CTS).
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