Welcome to the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police

Since 1 April 2011, the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police (CFLP) has been operating in a new structure, i.e. as a research institute. The Institute’s ongoing responsibility for development and supervision of forensic activities within the Polish Police goes together with intensified R&D in the area of forensic examinations. Resulting improvements, novel solutions and research methods shall contribute to increased and more effective crime detection.

CFLP staff members from a team of Poland’s leading forensic expert have expertise and skills, combined with the application of technologically advanced equipment and analytical instrumentation which allow them for elaboration of the most challenging and complex forensic casework. It is our laboratory where dedicated forensic databases, collections and files of unique content are maintained.

CFLP experts supervise national network of police forensic laboratories (including Warsaw Metropolitan Forensic Laboratory) in terms of scientific support and quality management issues. This area of activity requires the development of continuous professional improvement schemes for police forensic experts and scenę of crime officers. Being a leader in providing forensic expertise in Poland and promoter of progress and innovation, the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police looks optimistically into the future, whilst benefiting the utmost from its technical resources and human potential.