Publication date 06.09.2019

International conference on falsification of banknotes took place on 4—6 September 2019 in INTERPOL General Secretariat in Lyon. The meeting was attended by 120 participants from 47 countries. Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police was represented by Anna Jachimczak – expert from Document Examination and Audiovisual Techniques Department.

Experts from law enforcement agencies, central banks, international organizations  (Interpol, Europol, Frontex, Intergraf) and 12 private companies (Foster and Freeman, Gemalto, Regula etc.) considered how banknotes can be better secured against counterfeiting. In addition to presenting the challenges facing the police in the field of counterfeiting currency, also the Darknet’s growing role in bringing counterfeits into circulation was highlighted. Data related to the number of counterfeit banknotes disclosed and international systems to monitor phenomena related to this type of crime were presented. The importance of securing banknotes against counterfeiting and the need to learn the correct verification of their security elements were also raised. The meeting served as the opportunity to discuss the latest solutions in the field of anti-fraud measures and to establish multidisciplinary cooperation between law enforcement authorities, banks and private partners.