Publication date 26.03.2019

On 25—26 March 2019 the representatives of the Fingerprint Examination Department of CFLP, lt.col. Edyta Kot and Małgorzata Walecka, took part in the Biometrics Institute US Conference 2019 in Washington and in the meeting organized by the representatives of the Office of Biometric Identity Management (OBIM) in the U.S. Department of Homeland Security (US DHS).

The event was devoted to the latest achievements in the field of biometric data used for increasing security. The main subjects of the conference were:

  • identity as a service – biometric identification and the use of fingerprint data,
  • multimodal systems and the usage of appropriate platforms to increase interoperability, efficiency, exchange and protection of data in the systems with biometric modules, application of the latest technologies in the new generation biometric systems – algorithms for coding and searching of biometric data,
  • biometric legislation, privacy, data protection and supervision.

The conference of the American Biometrics Institute is a response to the need for an independent and impartial international forum for the exchange of knowledge and information on biometrics and for providing the best practices in the responsible use of biometrics. The information obtained will be used in the process of preparation for implementation of legislative conclusions presented by the European Commission in the area of police and judicial cooperation, asylum and migration, as well as in the area of borders and visas, which constitute an integral part of package related to the interoperability between European large-scale IT systems in the area of freedom, security and justice. The gained knowledge will also lead to more efficient actions regarding the amendment of EU regulations on the application of new solutions using fingerprint data, such as Shared Biometric Matching System, Common Identity Repository and Multiple Identity Detector as well as on the implementation of Universal Message Format as a standard in the further development of EU systems in the area of justice and internal affairs.