Publication date 16.11.2018

10th EDEWG (European Document Experts Working Group) Conference, organized by ENFSI in cooperation with Portuguese Forensic Laboratory of the Police, took place on 13—16 November in Lisbon.

The meeting was attended by experts from leading centers and research units from Germany, France, Norway, Italy, Netherlands, Latvia, Lithuania, Brazil, Czech Republic, Slovakia and other countries. Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police was represented by Ewa Siedlecka from Document Examination and Audiovisual Techniques Department, who – during the poster session – presented the poster entitled “ International Driving Permit – misleading translations” that enjoyed great interest. Meetings of ENFSI working subgroups regarding non-destructive examinations of printouts, estimation of age of entries, examination of secured documents and analysis of inks and cartridges took place during the conference. The event was accompanied by specialized workshops on examination of ID documents of Syria, Afghanistan and Iraq citizens and practical exercises concerning methods of individual identification of stamps and classification of covering agents. Cases of ID documents and 500 Euro banknotes forgeries were also presented.