Publication date 11.10.2018

The „Quo Vadis, European Forensics?” conference was organized by the Czech Institute of Forensics on 9–11 October 2018 in Prague. Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police was represented by: Director CFLP, col. Radosław Juźwiak PhD, Agnieszka Łukomska, adviser in Scientific Development Department CFLP and Małgorzata Walecka, expert in Fingerprints Examination Department CFLP.

The Conference, in which representatives of ENFSI (European Network of Forensic Science Institutes) Management, Europol and CEPOL participated, accompanied the celebrations of 60th anniversary of foundation of the Institute of Forensics (KUP) in Praque. The grand opening was made by Deputy  Police Commander of the Czech Republic. Afterwards the subjects of creating the European Area of Forensic Science 2020, recommendations regarding the interpretation of data obtained through forensic examination, issues related to education and training in European dimension, exchange of forensic data and laboratory management in accordance with the quality policy were presented and discussed. Presentations on the subject of international exchange of fingerprint data in Poland as the part of the implementation of both the Prum Decision and Eurodac system were gave by maj. Beata Krzemińska, expert and Małgorzata Walecka, specialist, both from Fingerprints Examination Department, CFLP. Participation in the conference gave also the opportunity to summarize activities within so called Triada and to share information on workshops and conferences organized in 2019 by both Czech and Slovak police institutes of forensics and Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police. Taking advantage of this opportunity, Director of CFLP presented the management of the Czech Institute of Forensics in Praque with the memorial board with the words of appreciation for previous cooperation.