Cooperation under CEPOL Exchange Programme

Publication date 13.07.2018

CEPOL is an European Union agency, established to train and support law enforcement officials. In accordance with exchange program, fingerprints examination experts from Poland visited Forensic Department of the Ministry of Internal Affair of Georgia on 24th – 30th June 2018. Georgian experts, in turn, visited CFLP in Warsaw on 8th – 13th July.

Dominant topics of both meetings concerned visualization of latent fingerprints, as well as, collecting and processing fingerprints and palmprints images in dedicated databases. Trainings offered by CEPOL encompasses many innovative and advanced activities to integrate developments in research and knowledge in Europe. The Exchange Programme was attended by Khatuna Chankotadze, Ketevan Tarashvili from Georgia and Beata Krzeminska, Ewa Rogoza from Fingerprint Examination Department, CFLP, Poland.