Meeting of forensic experts under TRIADA Agreement

Publication date 25.05.2018

On 21st -24th May a meeting of audiovisual forensics experts and document examination experts from Poland, Czech and Slovakia, took place in The Institute of Criminalistics in Bratislava.

In the field of voice recognition, experts presented the influence of dialects and slang on spoken language, methods of sound masking and speaker identification. When it came to examination of documents, experts discussed signature-based biometric authentication, as well as forgery techniques used in production of number plates, vehicle licenses, IDs and driving licenses. Slovakian Institute presented research equipment used by experts in their routine work. Polish representatives were: Marcin Lasota, Anna Sokal–Błaszczuk from Document Examination and Audiovisual Techniques Department, CFLP, Barbara Śmiałkowska - Forensic Laboratory, Provincial Police Headquarters (Poznan), Dawid Marciniak - Forensic Laboratory, Provincial Police Headquarters (Gorzów Wlkp.)