17th meeting of the ENFSI European Fingerprint Working Group (ENFSI EFW-WG)

On 12-15 September 2017, the 17th meeting of ENFSI’s working group for experts in finger print examination took place in Forensic Laboratory of the French Gendarmerie of Pontoise nearby Paris.

Nearly 100 forensic experts from European countries, USA, Russia and Turkey took part in the meeting, including Ms Ewa Rogoża – forensic expert of  CFLP the Fingerprint Examination Unit, who represented Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police.Issues discussed during the meeting included new methods of development of latent fingermarks and evaluation of its identification value. Italian, Romanian and Dutch experts presented case studies from their laboratories. Also, as part of the afternoon sessions, the attendants took part in practical exercises covering the techniques of peeling adhesive tape off the paper surfaces and visualization of latent fingermarks on the adhesive side of the tape.On the last day of the meeting, the attendants discussed the results of interlaboratory exercises that took place in 2016 as well as the issue of accreditation of fingerprint examination.