10th ISABS International Conference in Dubrovnik (Croatia)

Publication date 27.06.2017

On 19-27 June 2017 representatives of Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police took part in the 10th edition of International Society for Applied Biological Sciences (ISABS) conference which took place in Dubrovnik (Croatia).

ISABS is an organization dedicated to forensic scientists, anthropologists, forensic medicine practitioners and experts in other areas interrelated with forensics. This year’s meeting covered current and future use of the NGS (Next Generation Sequencing) in genetics and presented the outcomes of the newest studies in epigenetics. Conference speakers presented the results of utilizing the deliverables of studies on human phenotype, the direction of development of the area and application of cutting-edge examination methods in challenging the problems related to degraded samples and those that contain trace amounts of DNA. In the poster sessions, the representatives of Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police’s Biology Unit exhibited the project deliverables of the R&D activities run by CFLP and funded by the National Center for Research and Development such as “GeNN – Genetic identification of unknown human remains” and “Next - Genetic portrait of criminal offender and victim – development of system for determining the appearance of persons and their biogeographic origin through DNA analysis with use of Next Generation Sequencing”. CFLP was represented by experts of the Biology Unit: Ms Magdalena Jabłońska, Mr Michał Boroń and Mr Mateusz Ochocki along with Mrs Magdalena Spólnicka – Head of the department.