Bilateral cooperation

University of New Haven (USA)

On the 13th December 2016 the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Police and the University of New Haven signed the Memorandum of Understanding regarding the scientific cooperation and training exchanges in the area of forensic science.

Both Parties intend to explore various areas of mutual interest and agree to undertake the following activities, aiming to promote cooperation in the field of forensic science:

  • exchange of materials in education and research, publications and academic information, also the information pertaining to casework-related experience;
  • exchange of staff in the area of research and development;
  • exchange of experience and scientific ideas in scope of new forensic methods, particularly in the field of genetics;
  • exploring research opportunities in the US and Europe with a view of understanding common activities;
  • conducting joint research and meetings devoted to the contemporary problems of forensic science.

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