Scientific Development Department

Team for Scientific Cooperation

Team for Scientific Cooperation is responsible for planning and coordinating scientific activities of CFLP.

Main tasks of Team for Scientific Cooperation include:
  • Coordinating scientific activities of CFLP;
  • Building up and maintaining contacts with national and international scientific centers;
  • Organizing official trips for policemen and civilians working in CFLP;
  • Cooperating with Ministry of the Interior, Polish Police Headquarters as well as other bodies in the scope of international events and programmes;
  • Gathering scientific and technical information, important for the development of forensic science; strengthening cooperation with police and non police organizations;


Team for Scientific Cooperation coordinates the process of professional development of both forensic experts and experts to-be as well as is responsible for running national register of forensic experts.


Maintaining international contacts with experts from foreign laboratories helps the CFLP experts to obtain further qualifications and raise their competence. Therefore, the team fosters international cooperation, organizes official trips abroad and actively participates in the realisation of international undertakings and programmes ( e.g. ENFSI, CEPOL).