Organization Department

Logistics Unit

Logistics Unit executes tasks related to administrative, transportation and estate-related support

Tasks of Logistics Unit include the following:
  • to provide permanent monitoring of service-related needs as expressed by CFLP departments and to draft relevant procurement plans,
  • to provide organizational support of deliveries and technical acceptance of materials and equipment for CFLP departments,
  • to provide CFLP transportation service,
  • to co-ordinate activities related to security of CFLP premises,
  • to maintain estate facilities and deal with matters concerning legal status of the estate, to manage CFLP premises in terms of their technical efficiency, including planning and supervision of renovation works and investments,
  • to co-ordinate technical supervision as regards utilised instrumentation and equipment as well as to seek and supervise relevant services and repairs,
  • to carry out management of assets relating to office equipment, estate-related equipment, special and working equipment,
  • to maintain storage rooms and related documentation concerning turnover of equipment and materials,
  • to maintain storage facilities with exhibits and examination items.