Fingerprint Examination Department

Footwear Impressions Examination Unit

Footwear Impressions Examination Unit deals with comparative examinations of marks of movement of people, animals and means of transportations.

The following examinations are performed:
  • evaluation and typing of shoeprints and tire prints,
  • comparative examinations of footwear impressions and tire impressions,
  • examinations directly identifying a person basing on impressions inside a shoe sole, footprints or barefoot impressions on any kind of surfaces,
  • comparative examinations of animal trails (paws, hooves, etc.).

Examinations utilize a podometric plate, helpful in identification of persons basing upon individual features of their footwear. For detection of prints in dust, deposited on the so-called difficult surfaces such as floor covering or furniture upholstery, the properties of electrostatic field in Electrostat device are applied.
To ensure a high quality of performed casework, forensic examinations are performed according to accredited testing procedures and methods. Furthermore, personnel competence is verified through participation in proficiency testing schemes organized by international bodies and involvement in activities of relevant ENFSI Expert Working Groups. Nationally, experts supervise the quality of casework in the area of footwear impressions examination performed in regional police forensic laboratories.